Time-honored techniques & botanical breakthroughs. 

Message, Skin Exfoliation, Skin Rejuvenation with Essence of Skin by Stephany BakerMassage.  Stephany uses a technique called skin-rolling that increases blood flow and oxygen, releases tension, and removes toxins. This is an age-old practice that brings nourishment to all the cells, repairing damage and restoring firmness to the skin. 

Gentle, natural exfoliation and rejuvenation.  You can restore your skin’s youthful, glowing texture, but you must go gently. Stephany’s protocols and products are gentle, organic and ingeniously effective. She doesn’t use strong chemicals that give you a temporary effect, inflaming your skin in the process.

Specific hot spots.  Stephany will help you choose your battles:  aging and sun damage, loss of tone and elasticity, changes in pigmentation or rosacea. She will recommend customized treatments designed to produce visible results slowly and surely.

Spot-on treatments and services.Osmosis Skin Care & Product Line at Essence of Skin Care by Steaphany Baker San Rafael, ca

Permanent change emerges from Stephany’s hands and the systematic application of products that penetrate the deeper levels of the skin. Those that work best blend natural exfoliation, collagen stimulation and internal nourishment. These are protocols that work with natural botanicals, gently empowering your skin to repair itself. 

I have been a loyal client of Stephany Baker Essence Skin Care for many years. Stephany has an incredible wealth of knowledge about the care of skin, which she imparts to all her clients. She formulates your special treatments specifically designed for each different skin type and needs. My skin always looks healthy and radiant when I leave. Stephany also has wonderful products to take home to continue treating your skin on a daily basis. My skin has never looked better!”
~ Melinda Darlington-Bach