Stephany Baker Facial Message Skin Care

For those of you who don’t know, I have closed my business and moved to Medford, Oregon. If you’d like to reach out, just email me at: essenceofskincare@comcast.net.

Healthy, glowing skin.
A deeply touching experience.

Put your face in Stephany Baker’s hands, and you’ll be on your way to having skin you’ve only imagined.  Stephany’s deft approach gently stimulates and sustains change in the texture, color and elasticity of your skin. She’ll be the first to tell you, though, that there are no quick fixes.

True transformation is a journey that requires commitment, knowledge and patience.  Stephany works her magic in a quiet, stress-free environment, with products that are purely organic and scientifically revolutionary.  Her massage techniques enlist your body’s natural ability to regenerate healthy, glowing, supple skin. To sustain your progress, you’ll have some uncomplicated  “homework,” cleansing and nourishing your face, neck and chest twice a day.